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    The Village Athamania can be described as the most charming village in Pindos, which is built on the highest peak of Tzoumerka, Kakarditsa, with altitude 2450m. It is surrounded by other three high peaks, while it is crossed by a tranquil stream that flows into the Moutsiaritis River, and divides the village in two. The locals call them "neighborhoods" and they communicate with a small wooden bridge that integrates the linear character of the village.

    Athamania in winter has no residents, since most of them are breeders, so they descend to the pastures and come back in the summer. They gather at the small square, they recount their experiences from the pastures and tell to the visitors stories and legends about King Athamas, who, in their opinion, gave the name of the village.

    In the fountain of the village square, and in the other, as in Batal, in Agathaki, and Vaeni, the locals welcome visitors, who want to know the village, offer them coffee or raki and guide them in the village, showing that the famous hospitality of Athamania is true and authentic.

    Known festivals of the village is the one of Holy Friday and the one of Profitis Elias.

    In the first weekend of August, the Cultural Association of the village, in an effort to keep alive the traditions and customs, but the contact and communication among residents, organizes a feast in the square of the village, offers plenty of wine, and under the sounds of folk music band, invites people attending to sing, dance, leaving behind their worries and problems.

    Events are organized in celebration of the Holy Apostles and on August 29, in the abrupt John Baptist, with dances and songs and offered hot soup but the local bligouri with sheep.

    Visitors to the village can visit sites, such as the Holy Saturday, the Transfiguration, San Athanasios, the Prophet Elias, etc.

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