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    Archaeological Sites - Churches
    ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES - CHURCHES -MONASTERIES* Next to the mountain "Giona" there is "Kokkinostefano" that gives the impression of a Byzantine or medieval fortress.* Church of Transfiguration, aisled basilica built on the site homonym oldest church (1863).* Church of Agia Kyriaki* Church of the Assumption
    Popular Culture Sights
    * Hatzigakis Tower (1841), grandson of Bertha Hatzis (has been restored based on photographs and engravings show the first form). The Hatzigakis was the greatest shepherd of Aspropotamos.* The stone «Gefiri tis grias», which is at the «Faragi tis manas», crossed by a tributary of Achelous and is a remarkable monument of the region as on the bridge there are carved representations of exceptional
    Culture Traditional Events
    * 6-7 July, festival of Agia Kyriaki* 5-6 August, the Transfiguration* 14-15 August, the Assumption: The celebrations start on church, where are offered rich local dishes (mostly meat, pies, milk), and culminate in a feast, with the participation of bystanders, with traditional folk bands .* June is the beekeepers feast in the church of Agia Kyriaki* May, held every year in the Pertouli fields a large


    Elati Pertouli
    Elati, a village attracting tourists all through the year, is the first village we meet on the road, 14 km from the Pyli at an altitude of 860m. The population of 700 in the winter rises to 4,000 in the summer, with the main income coming from tourism and secondarily from logging and stock-raising.The rare beauty and the hospitable spirit of Elati combine to make it one of the most developed holiday
    Neraidochori is located 1,140m above the sea level, only 4 Km away from Pertouli and is just a short distance away from the beautiful grasslands which give their place to steep tops. The village is surrounded by the mountain tops Marosa (1,980m) from where one has a magnificent view of Mesochora villages, Megdovas Lake in Karditsa, and the plains of Thessaly, Neraida (2,000m) with a unique view, too,
    The Village Athamania can be described as the most charming village in Pindos, which is built on the highest peak of Tzoumerka, Kakarditsa, with altitude 2450m. It is surrounded by other three high peaks, while it is crossed by a tranquil stream that flows into the Moutsiaritis River, and divides the village in two. The locals call them "neighborhoods" and they communicate with a small wooden bridge
    After the village of Pyli, the trail climbs, reaching a small village full of green, Vrontero, or better known as the Lants. The name "Vrontero" is given by the thunder of weapons that fell here when it was organized the first Board of Captains. In Vrontero, the famous bandit Tzatzas found a refuge, for the price of which was called a fountain.The tributaries of Portaikos, Tzarmpanos and Milos are
    At an altitude of 1040m., in a panoramic position, is the famous Gardiki, densely populated and the houses literally hanging over the steep ends of Tzoumerka.The village of Paleochori (Kerasovo) belongs to the same community. Both villages have a population of 200 in the winter, mostly stock-breeders and loggers, rising to 5,000 in the summer. Gardiki is built on the slopes of Mt. Kakarditsa, at a
    Pyrra is built in 1,056m above the sea level, 7 km away from Neraidochori. It is surrounded by the tops Avgo, Tsouma and Chameno and the landscape has plenty of mountains, streams and springs.The villagers are mainly farmers, who are forced by the circumstances to leave the village in winter and to meet it again in the spring.A worth mentioning monument is the Holy Monastery of Prophet Elias and Saint
    Talking about Pertouli, which is surrounded by the famous mountains Neraida, Koziakas, Loupata and Avgo, and full of dense forests, lush meadows, wild flowers with colorful spark next to the tall trees and flowing waters of the river filled with aquatic plants, will not be an exaggeration to speak of a mountain paradise.The Church of Holy Apostles is a white miniature in the green landscape, which
    Kalliroi is mountainous village in the prefecture of Trikala. It is built at an altitude of 1,040 meters on the slopes of the southern Pindos and is one of the most mountainous settlements of Thessaly. Kalliroi belongs to the Community of Aspropotamos the population according to the 2001 census of 150 residents.
    The Mill of Elves 2014 - 2015

    Excursion from Pertouli Sli Resort area

    For the 4th consecutive year the "Mill of Elves", in Municipality of Trikala and e-Trikala AE company give their new appointment with the young and old people at the largest Christmas and new year eve theme park in the country to enjoy a special way the celebrations of Christmas and New Year.

    The "Mill of Elves" year opens its doors on November 28, 2014 and will run until January 4, 2015.

    This year we are planning 38 days full operating activities, art exhibitions, interactive workshops and a lot of surprises for young and old.

    Like the previous three years and this year with the proper and organized effort to accomplish our optimism even greater number of visitors through organized group and individual holidaymakers.

    From our side, we will make every effort to visit your place safely and simultaneously stay satisfied all guests.

    Not only the presence of the impressive "Mill of Elves" that differentiates us from other classical destinations you choose to organize your excursions. The city of Trikala, now celebrating with a special way and this is appreciated by every visitor who is looking for a trip to an area of ​​economic, beautiful quality and vibrant, with really many options excursions and getaways.

    Comparative advantage of the tourist area and is the strategic location of Trikala. Dozens are options that could satisfy even the most demanding visitor. Many proposals visits within the city with its many museums, Varousi, the Medieval Castle, the Zoo, etc. while a short distance, one can encounter Meteora, Ski Centre Pertouliou, the Fir, Kalambaka, the Monastery Dolianon, Lake Plastiras of Aspropotamos, Porta Panagia Cave Theopetra etc.

    We also propose two new destinations to visit in the area and within walking distance of the park. The Museum of Natural History museum mushrooms Meteora in Kalambaka and the Equestrian Center "wrangling" where you can admire Alexander the Great to the Thessalian horse, Bucephalus. Attached files with more information.

    Understanding the difficult economic conditions "Mill of Elves" continues and even strengthens the philosophy with free entrance to the park and free activities and workshops. At the same time we made a unique offer. For participation in all the games of the Christmas Fun Park (6 games total) Gift a meal, the cost is only 7 euros!

    In our official website ( you can see the description of the philosophy of free activities and general operating information of "Mill of Elves".

    The security group organizing every detail to ensure safe movement of visitors in the area. The parking of buses will be in a special event parking outside. The park will operate First Aid staffed with experienced nurses.

    All this might suggest to check in and the city of Trikala in planning tour for the Christmas season and New Year.

    The organizing committee of the "Mill of Elves" and professionals in the region, indicating their willingness to provide every facility to your project.

    For any further information or clarification, please contact Mr. Thanks Tsaflo responsible tourism promotion Milos (til.24310 74 442 & 38 890 24310)

    We also enclose a brief presentation of the event, high-resolution images to be used if necessary in some form and your general tourist information of the area.

    Trikala become the dominant destination for the selected period.

    It is a difficult bet to good cooperation we can achieve and any success will be only for the benefit of all.


    B. Odysseus. Raptis